Characters in fantasy roleplaying games and stories seem to spend half their time staying in inns, gossiping in taverns and carousing in houses of ill-repute. So what blog featuring historical inspiration for gaming would be complete without a post on historical types of hostelry? This is part of a little series, so check out the… Continue reading Hostelries

School of Adventure—First-year gameplay

I have now completed the first adventure with each of my two School of Adventure club groups. My intention was just to give them something very simple. With hindsight it could have been simpler, but it was fun enough. Outline I started with a five-room dungeon model: entrance guardian; puzzle or roleplaying challenge; trick or… Continue reading School of Adventure—First-year gameplay

School of Adventure – character building

At the start of the School of Adventure club, I did my best to simplify the character creation process. It is still complicated, especially making characters for six beginner players at once. I think I’ve learned some lessons. There’s an appetite for RPGs in primary schools The school agreed readily to my pitch. I sent… Continue reading School of Adventure – character building


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