Monster menus (School of Adventure Year Five part 2)

I’ve started prepping encounters by outlining menus of things that the antagonist/s might do in that encounter. I suppose this may be a beginner-to-intermediate point for many GMs these days, but if that’s where you’re at in your gaming journey or if, like me, you started GMing with a game/edition that didn’t explain this technique,… Continue reading Monster menus (School of Adventure Year Five part 2)

Chivalry & Sorcery—opening the book

I fairly recently got a new game so here are some notes of my first impressions. Chivalry & Sorcery, for those not familiar with it, is a venerable tabletop roleplaying game, first created in 1977 in response to Dungeons & Dragons, with the intent of bringing more historicity and realism to tabletop fantasy adventure. It… Continue reading Chivalry & Sorcery—opening the book

Oak of Honor – Updates

The blog has been quiet for a few weeks, but not because there’s been no activity here at Oak of Honor. I have acquired a new game, Chivalry & Sorcery, and have been working through the rulebook. It’s right up my street, in that it drinks deep from the well of medieval history to nourish… Continue reading Oak of Honor – Updates

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Race in fantasy: signpost

Race has been an issue in fantasy world-building and gaming for a while now. Since the beginning really, but it has been a slow burner in terms of how much attention most gamers have paid to it (as a topic of discussion rather than just as a box to fill on the character sheet).  I’ve… Continue reading Race in fantasy: signpost

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School of Adventure—Player vs Player (Year Four part 1)

I’ve spent the autumn running the School of Adventure’s Year Four mission online. With about half my original players now off at different secondary schools, I’m down to a core of kids who are now all in the top year of the same real-life primary school and I think pretty much all friends in school… Continue reading School of Adventure—Player vs Player (Year Four part 1)