News – April 2021

The final exam adventure is underway with the School of Adventure. Although the kids are back at school I’m still running the club online because the real-life school is not hosting on-site. You can catch up with the most recent adventure write-up (Year Five prologue) in the blog.

I ran one private kids session online via Roll20 but got straight back into technical difficulties. Now that it is again permitted to run children’s activities with COVID safety measures I think I’ll get back to face-to-face.

I’m currently working on a blog post on magic items by level in DnD 5e to round out my mini-series on magic item tables and level advancement.

Also there are probably one or two more posts coming at some point about race and racism in fantasy games, to round out my series on that. And since that series moved onto my homebrew world Galthamar, I might post some more of that as I develop it.