News – Summer 2021

I have acquired a new game, Chivalry & Sorcery, and have been working through the rulebook. It’s right up my street, in that it drinks deep from the well of medieval history to nourish a fantasy game. Expect to see CnS content on the blog in future, to break up what has so far been a bit of a DnD monoculture when I have got into the system-specifics. For now, I’ve started with some first impressions from opening the book.

I have begun consulting for hire on other people’s world-building. So if you want some help with mapmaking, climates, vegetation, where people live, making your world feel like a living, working place, then get in touch. (I also do history advice, proofreading and editing.)

The School of Adventure is of course still running. We’re in the final weeks before the players leave the real-life school that the club is built around, so I’ve been letting them tick off their bucket lists. There are ridable pets, unnatural creations brought to life, magic items, swinging from things and all sorts of fun. And I’ve just had some ideas for a finale…