Oak of Honor Games began in 2020 in the delightful corner of London called Honor Oak. I work in tabletop roleplaying games, offering services locally, and products and services via the net.

Editing and consulting services

I can help game designers, world builders and writers with their own projects. I have writing, editing and proof-reading experience, and I can offer advice on aspects of world building such as history and geography (customer testimonial in this comments section). If you would like my input, just get in touch.

After-school clubs

I deliver ‘School of Adventure’: a customised version of a well-known and popular tabletop fantasy roleplaying game for the 9-11 age group (Year 5 and Year 6). In theory: I run this as an after-school club on school premises (and could add further local schools to my programme on different afternoons). I could also run a Years 7+ group playing the full version of the game, and/or support students to run their own groups in a larger school club.

But as of now (summer 2021 and since spring 2020): the schools are largely not doing after-school clubs, or not with small external providers, and I am running the games online. School-by-school expansion is on hold, but if individuals are interested in joining an online game, get in touch.

Running games

I am (subject to any re-tightening of pandemic restrictions that may apply by the time you read this) available to put on other games for children or adults locally—get in touch if you’re looking for a group to join, a game master for you and your friends, or an activity for your kids.

Gaming material

I will offer products usable by game masters and players. This site offers some free tasters (in the blog posts), and there will ultimately be saleable products for download.