Introducing Oak of Honor Games

I’ve been doing tabletop roleplaying games since I was about ten, back in the 80s, and always as a hobby that I rarely found enough time for. But thanks to a low roll on the Random Career Events Table in 2019 I have a window to turn my hobby into a business, and here we are.

The venture’s name, by the way, is in tribute to a tree that once stood in the neighbourhood where I’m based. I’ll maybe do another blog post about it.

Here’s a brief outline of what I’m starting with:

After-school clubs

I currently* run two afternoons a week at my kids’ school, but I’m open to expand in the local area (London SE23, SE4 and nearby). I deliver a customised version of a well-known and popular tabletop fantasy roleplaying game for the 9-11 age group (Year 5 and Year 6); look on this blog for the tag School of Adventure. I could also run the full game for Year 7 and up.

Running games

I’d be happy to consider running other games for children or adults—get in touch if you’re looking for a group to join, a DM for you and your friends, or an activity for your kids.

Editing and consulting services

I have experience and knowledge of writing, editing, proof-reading, world-building and game design that hopefully I’ll demonstrate on this site and in my products, so I can help you with your own game design, world-building and writing projects. If you would like my input, just get in touch.

Articles and products for gamers

I’m a bit of a history geek, and a little bit of a geography nerd, so I produce resources that help world builders, game masters and players make use of historical and geographical studies for inspiration and guidance. I’ll start with some freebie blog posts and suchlike bits and pieces, and work up more substantial products for sale.

There will also be other kinds of material: advice for game masters and players; drop-in elements like monsters, magic, encounters and adventures; optional rules; and so on.

Get involved in the comments and discussions and let me know what you would like to see me produce – I’ll be happy to work on stuff that I know has an audience.

*I wrote that paragraph before the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. As you can see from later blog posts I switched the games online, and later went down to one playing group as the older kids left the school we’re based at. It doesn’t seem realistic to get any more schools involved until they get back to normal operation. But let me know if there are individual kids who would like to join the virtual club!

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