Oak of Honor Games is a fresh 2020 start-up, based in the delightful corner of London called Honor Oak. I work in tabletop roleplaying games, offering services locally, and products and services via the net.

After-school clubs

I deliver ‘School of Adventure’: a customised version of a well-known and popular tabletop fantasy roleplaying game for the 9-11 age group (Year 5 and Year 6). In theory I run this as an after-school club on school premises (and could add further local schools to my programme on different afternoons). I could also run a Years 7+ group playing the full version of the game, and/or support students to run their own groups in a larger school club.

But as of now (April 2020) the schools are largely shut and I am running the games online. School-by-school expansion is on hold, but if individuals are interested in joining an online game, get in touch.

Running games

I am (once my own kids are back at school and I’m not spending most of my working time teaching them at home…) available to put on other games for children or adults locally—get in touch if you’re looking for a group to join, a game master for you and your friends, or an activity for your kids.

Gaming material

I will offer products usable by game masters and players. This site offers some free tasters, and there will be saleable products for download (though possibly after schools re-open and I can get writing again).

Editing and consulting services

I can help game designers, world builders and writers with their own projects. I have writing, editing and proof-reading experience, and I can offer advice on aspects of world building such as history and geography. If you would like my input, just get in touch.