So we’re back in full lockdown and I’m spending my days on the kids’ schooling again. At least this time there are remote lessons and I’m not doing the main teaching myself.

But the School of Adventure is starting up again after the holidays. Further to the PvP situation and the parental veto on such shenanigans, the PCs started working together, beat the encounter and stabilised their casualties. They’re at the midway stop as of the midwinter break, shopping and plotting to turn the tables on their rivals, Dick Dastardly style.

And now that my kids are getting on with things by themselves a little more, I’ve finished up a blog post that has been sitting in the pipeline, on 5e dragons. This is I think among the first I have done analysing the official 5e rulebook content. I have also got going with a series of posts on race in 5e and in fantasy more broadly. I hope they’re of interest; go to the comments sections and tell me what you think.