I’ve touched on this in recent posts, but I want to explain what I mean by ‘essentialism’ as an approach to race. It is a very dated idea that I think most people now understand doesn’t reflect the real world, but it was prevalent in the British Empire (and other colonial societies), baked into the… Continue reading Essentialism

Dragons in core 5e

I’ve looked over the information in the core 5e Monster Manual about dragons and analysed it to bring out some universals, some patterns of variation, and some less-patterned specifics. These might be of interest if you’re a GM running 5e dragons (or especially if you’re considering homebrewing dragon stat blocks), or a crunch-oriented player in… Continue reading Dragons in core 5e

Humanoid hybrids in 5e

I would like to review the evidence for interbreeding between different humanoid races in official core 5e DnD material. I suggest that the amount of interbreeding implies that several of these races qualify as a single species, if such a scientific term can be applied to fantasy creatures. (This point is relevant to a few… Continue reading Humanoid hybrids in 5e

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Pick’n’mix race for 5e

I’m keen to develop a version of race in fantasy roleplaying games that doesn’t bake in the notion that people are divided by ancestry into essentially separate groups that differ dramatically from each other. (Later note: in 2021 I ended up doing a number of further posts on this theme. Here is a summary post… Continue reading Pick’n’mix race for 5e